Off-site Records Storage

checklist for document imaging project

Taking on a document scanning project may seem intimidating at first, especially since there are many moving parts to account for. At each step of the process, countless detailed decisions must be made to ensure that everything runs efficiently. It’s essential to have a general idea of what your preferences and expectations are before launching your project. After all, keeping the end goal in mind...

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Seery Systems Document Scanning

Whether you are just thinking about starting an imaging project, or already working with a scanning vendor, it is essential that you keep the big picture in mind at all times. Going into a project without defining your optimal end result can be a waste of both time and resources. That’s why it is important to make sure you have a step by step plan...

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Stacks of Hard Copy Documents to be Scanned and Imaged

Are you wanting to free up office floor space? Are you tired of having to endlessly search for a single document? Regardless of the specific reason, digitization offers numerous benefits to organizations in any industry. Although taking on a document scanning project may seem intimidating at first, with a good scanning vendor, the process becomes a breeze. Outsourcing your digitization needs takes the stress off of your...

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