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When undertaking a document scanning project, there are numerous details you will need to consider. As the project progresses, some decisions become critical, such as your preferred indexing parameters, or what you should do with your documents after imaging. One of the most important choices that must be made is selecting a preferred file output option. Depending on your company’s needs, the type of file...

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Seery Systems assists the Title and Mortgage Industry

Seery Systems assists the Title and Mortgage Industry  Title and Mortgage companies are bogged down with paperwork. From titles, surveys and mortgage contracts to loan agreements and financial information forms; the Industry is overwhelmed. The challenge for these companies is how best to store all this information securely and how best to retrieve it.   Title Companies Go Paperless; the benefits: There is a challenge in retaining all the...

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Achieve Business Efficiency by Going Paperless

Achieve Business Efficiency by Going Paperless The first Quarter of 2018 is a great time for businesses to focus on improving their business processes. One way your business can become more efficient is by Going Paperless.  One way to Go Paperless is by scanning your documents that are usually stored somewhere in-house or in expensive warehouses.   Benefits of Scanning your Documents Document imaging for your business means improved...

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