LTO Benefits Part 5 – Compatibility

LTO Benefits Part 5 – Compatibility

LTO Benefits Part 5 – Compatibility states that LTO technology is an “open” format, meaning that many different competing companies are producing LTO drives and LTO cartridges that are compatible with each other.  Each generation is also compatible with the two previous generations, so you know that you’ll be able to make the most of your investment as technology needs change.





” The LTO format ensures that your investment today will continue to pay off for years to come. LTO specifications provide backwards compatibility to read/write with previous generations. Current-generation LTO drives are able to read tapes from two generations prior and are able to write to tapes from the prior generation. With a published roadmap, LTO technology allows you to better forecast how to address your future technology as you address your needs today.” –


LTO Quick Facts:


* LTO specifications are an open format designed for interoperability

* Investment protection is assured through backwards compatibility –

(Each LTO generation reads 2 generations back – Each LTO generation writes 1 generation back)

* LTFS provides easy data access and management allowing for easy file share



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