LTO Benefits Part 6 – Dependability

LTO Benefits Part 6 - Dependability

LTO Benefits Part 6 – Dependability

LTO Benefits Part 6 – Dependability states that Tape is one of the most reliable solutions available. In fact, LTO technology delivers a better bit error rate than disk, so you can have the confidence that your data is there when you need it.





” LTO tape provides a reliable, offline protection against on-line data corruption. Compared to the shelf-life of disk (3-5 years), LTO tape can withstand the test of time, providing users with a shelf-life of up to 30 years. The protection is also there when you need it, offering a strong error protection and correction algorithm, with an error rate of 1 bit in 1x10E19 bits. That’s four orders of magnitude better than disk, whose error rate is 1 bit per 100 Petabytes. Once your data is written to the tape there’s no need to worry about whether it’s there, it’s immediately verified by the LTO “Read after Write” technology.” –


LTO Quick Facts:


* LTO media has up to 30 years shelf life, ideal for long term data archiving

* LTO error rate is four orders of magnitude better than disk

* Easily stored off-line to protect against on-line data corruption

* Easily stored off-site in case of a disaster recovery situation



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