LTO Benefits Part 4 – Security

LTO Benefits Part 4 - Security

LTO Benefits Part 4 – Security

LTO Benefits Part 4 – Security states that data stored online is susceptible to compromise and vulnerable to corruption threats. It can be accidental, such as a natural disaster destroying a data center, a system error corrupting a file, someone errantly erasing a folder or a RAID backing up corrupted data.





“Tape provides offline protection, isolating the data from software bugs that can occur during continuous disk-to-disk backup. LTO technology offers hardware-based data encryption (LTO-4 drives and newer), which provides powerful tape-level algorithm that doesn’t affect compression, performance and capacity. LTO technology also provides for a write-once, read many option (LTO-3 tapes and newer) that stores data in a non-rewritable format. This further protects data from being errantly overwritten and also helps to address compliance regulations.” –


LTO Quick Facts:


*  Tapes are easily stored off-line to protect against on-line corruption

*  Tapes are easily stored off-site in case of a disaster recovery situation

*  Hardware based data encryption adds security

*  WORM cartridges address compliance regulations



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