Going Paperless?

Seery Systems Document Scanning

Going Paperless?

Seery Systems helps Local Businesses and Municipalities with their Document Management Challenges

Seery Systems has been helping their business and government clients with their Document Management needs for over 15 years.

One of our services that falls under Document Management is Document Imaging, (also known as document scanning). Document Imaging is defined as the “digitization of paper documents for easy storage, retrieval, and distribution.”
Seery Systems goes beyond the standard definition of document imaging to include the “improvement of a client’s business processes.” When we work with our clients, we stress the benefits that document imaging can provide for a business.


Benefits of Document Imaging

The goal of document imaging for a business or local government is to “Go Paperless”. Going Paperless for a business means improved workflow, easy access to documents, and less storage needs. When our clients convert their paper documents to a digital image, they realize a compliment of benefits.


If your company or local government department decides to Go Paperless, here’s a list of the benefits:

1. Improved Workflow
When you convert paper documents to digital, your files become searchable. You can now easily find the necessary documents and share them internally or across your whole organization.
2. Labor Savings
There is a tremendous labor savings when you convert to digital form. Once your documents are indexed, you can easily access any of these records within seconds. We all know that our labor is the most expensive part of operating a business.
3. Save Money on Office/Storage Space
Converting your documents to a digital form requires less storage space. Less storage space helps reduce your costs.
4. Increased Security & Better Compliance
With your new Digital Images, you can safely store your files on your server, improve your Disaster Recovery process, and store your files in an off-site facility like our Media Vault.


Our Process

At Seery Systems, we try to make the process of document scanning as easy as possible for our clients.
Our Clients who use document scanning have improved workflows and a positive return on investment.
When a client needs documents scanned we can pick up their documents or do a scanning project onsite at their  office.

1. Document Prep
All documents are prepped before we start image capturing. We remove all staples and paper clips and repair torn edges that might get stuck. This prep work ensures a smooth conversion process.
2. Capture
Once the documents are prepped, we send them through our scanner to capture the image.
3. Document Imaging
The images will be saved as a TIFF, PDF or JPEG.
4. Check for Accuracy
Before we finalize an image for indexing, we double-check for accuracy. We check for data accuracy and image quality. If the image does not meet our high standard, we scan it again.
5. Indexing
Indexing is the unsung hero of document scanning. We can index files by file type, date and name, etc… as well as by barcode. Once your files are indexed, you will never have to search through a box of paper documents again.
Please feel free to Contact Us about our process


Types of Documents We Scan

Seery Systems offers a full range of document scanning services including:
1. Scanning & indexing of business documents
2. Large format engineering drawings
3. Microfilm
4. Microfiche
5. Aperture Cards
6. Book scanning



Seery Systems helps businesses and State and Local Governments.
Over the past 15 years our clients have included:
1. County, Town and Village Building Departments
2. County, Town and Village Clerks Records
3. Financial Institutions
4. Higher Education
5. Healthcare
6. Legal
7. Mortgage Lenders
8. Title & Abstract
9. Insurance
Each type of business or government office has its own set of unique needs. Our process is flexible to accommodate our client’s challenges.



Scanning your business documents into a digital form can benefit your company or department by allowing better collaboration, improved workflow and better customer service. Scanned documents are more secure and easier to store than their paper counterpart. When your documents are in digital form, you can save on the cost of office/storage space.
If you have any questions about scanning your documents, please feel free to Contact Us.


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