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What is Tape Vaulting?

What is Tape Vaulting?   Tape Vaulting is process of moving your critical data offsite and into the care of our highly Secure FIRELOCK Vault. Data is usually transported off-site using removable storage media such as back-up tape & hard drives. Tape Vaulting protects your records for as long as your organization and legal requirements dictate.   Why Tape Vaulting?   Storage of backup media on tape is the most cost effective, accurate and fastest method to restore your data center in...

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Best Practices Tips for Off-Site Tape Storage

Best Practices Tips for Off-Site Tape Storage   In today’s business environment, companies can no longer just back up their data. They must also keep an additional copy in a safe, fireproof facility. A very popular way companies back up their data off-site is through tape and tape vaulting. Tape Backup continues to be a valuable and reliable solution for storing safe copies of data off-site. Here are Seery...

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